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I'd love to see an export of the meatball as well, though for a different reason. I'm slightly colorblind, and find it very difficult to distinguish the lights on 1080p unless I'm zoomed all the way in. If the meatball were exportable, or if the size of the lamps could be artificially increased, it would make it way easier to see them.
If you disapprove of this post, please feel free to give me negative rep. If you approve of this post, please feel free to give me negative rep.
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Originally Posted by Weegie View Post
There is another mod I found which makes it larger but I think it breaks Integrity, although I've only used it a few times I thought it the best workaround so far

Found it on the Mudspike forum. I don't want to paste a link in case I'm breaking the rules here, last thing I want is to get banned. You can easily find it by googling but PM me if you cannot and want to try it

I do agree with you that a separate window, or possibly a semi transparent overlay would be the best, but don't think it's going to happen
I'll do it. Here's the link.
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