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Do I understand this correctly?

You have to buy both Mig-15 and F-86 in order to play the Museum Relic campaign? Or is it enough to have one of them?

One more question: Is there any default campaign included in Mig-15 module?

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TaktLwG 73 Steinhoff
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No, from what i know, you only need one of the two. And no, unfortunately not. I do hope for a fitting map someday, maybe Korea
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Both planes were required when the campaign was released, but last winter I believe they modified it so that one is enough nowadays. No idea how it works, though.

Check the Campaigns section of the forum, every payware campaign has its own sub-section there with lots of info available.
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I have the Museum Relic Campaign, and it is awesome! The maker, Apache600, starts you off slowly, and gradually ramps up the difficulty level. Although I haven't gotten to them yet, I understand that the missions that depend on navigation are really top notch. Apache600 is an airline pilot and really works you with basic navigation. The campaign missions even include the ability to select an "autocomplete" within the first seconds of the mission in case you just can't complete the mission. Almost every comment on the campaign in the campaign section says how this is the best campaign out there at this point in time. All for less than the cost of a single meal on a night out in most places.

You should do all of the training missions for the F-86 or MiG-15 at the very least before doing the campaign. They will help. I have both the Sabre and the -15, and will be doing the campaign with both. Do yourself a favor and read the threads in the campaigns section. Again, the designer is Apache600.
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Well, i made a campaign back in 1.2.6 called Los muchachos de Kozhedub ("Kozhedub Boys") but all briefings and messages were in spanish. It's an 18 mission, historical -based on the book RED DEVILS OVER THE YALU- coop campaign flown by 14 pilots (can be mabe SP as well). I can´t verify if it's working on 2.5 and honestly i have no time to convert all story line and briefings to english, but i can upload one or two missions so you can give it a go, if you guys are interested.

Some images from that MiG-15; 1951 KTO campaign


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this plane is very nice and pleasant in dcs.
It will be interresting if you can share your works Chimange
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i up this thread
is it possible to share this MP Campaign ?
il looks awesome
may be i can translate briefing into English, and made some single mission from it. All works with credit and sharing here.
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