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Default Add women pilots


for instance
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I agree, although it could be abused by unscrupulous male developers....
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Originally Posted by dali View Post
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Lol - Imagine the backlash if someone would do a

There was this Thread with skin color and gender some days ago. Lets see how this roles - I dont care personaly
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While we're making changes, I'd like my pilot to be Scottish and bi-curious.
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I want an "evil" pilot, so please replace the kneeboard with a furry white cat.
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i too want a cat as a pilot
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I think there are a LOT of other thing that are a priority. In the end, you never see your own face, so, what for?
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I mean I don't really care but to be honest isn't it kinda difficult to tell? From the outside you're body is just a uniform, a helmet, a visor covering the top half of your face and a mask covering the bottom would you be able to tell the difference? And in cockpit well... I imagine most players turn pilot body off as it gets in the way of switches but even if you do turn it on the only thing you can see your uniformed arms and legs at best, if you look in the mirror it's the same story with the helmet mask and visor... This kinda begs the question what changes would you make exactly?

Now female voice actors? Go right ahead, there's already some female ATC voices, and the radio thing isn't DCS' best feature so fine go for it.

Although this has to take the lowest of all priorities, there are a lot of things that should take priority.
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+1 cat
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