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Default Frustrating Genorator Failures

Once generator failures start happening. And they happen so easily it isn't funny, just by applying pitch to the blades with the collective. And once the gens start to fail they continue to fail like clock work, even every time you restart the Convoy instant action game, after the first time they start to fail BY Lifting the collective???. Even restarting DCS World does not help...... Please fix this and the Mi8 will be prefect for flying.

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If you pull excessive collective the RPMs will drop and the generators will fail. It's an operator error and thus nothing ED can fix.
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I believe he talks about instant action air start when gen fails the moment you start without touching controls

maxxxem1 you can try setting the option "sync hotas on mission start" and set the collective axis on it at about 20-30 % until rotor rpm stabilizes , and raise it slower to the point you want it,
or just press active pause button and wait for the rotor RPM to come back up
(also if you got generator fail warning make sure that you turn autopilot back on pitch/roll channel)

of course any generator failures after instant air start are caused by you overloading the rotor/engines as msalama said

hope it helps, I don't see them fixing stuff for old module
also if you want unlimited rockets for your convoy shooting practice it does not work, it only works for guns and bombs

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Yeah sure ok thanks. Will give it a try dovla. I noticed that they updated it so you could fire weapons even with gen failures now when before you SOL
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Happens also with hot start on ground and as dovla said just raise collective a bit until both engines sync. Although autopilot is rather optional.

Having said that latest stable update and not once did it do it.
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