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Default Looking for MiG-15 Squadron Leader

Perhaps this is an unusual request, but here goes.

I am looking for a MiG-15 virtual Squadron Leader. Someone knowledgeable in the MiG-15, guns-only tactics and teamwork, and who has enough interest in oldschool Red aviation to share this knowledge with others.

I run a virtual Sabre squadron, and host an open, 24/7 PvP server that we operate on. The Sabre squadron has about ~8-11 active members of varying experience levels, and we are at the point where we can field a 4-ship with some regularity. It is great fun, but without structured opposition there is only so far we can take it. There are definitely lots of good MiG pilots out there, but the trend so far is for 4 of us to run into only 1 or 2 of them at a time. And I think it’s the 4v4 and up engagements when things get really interesting, and will push both teams to their limits.

I have seen a few attempts to run such a MiG squadron, but none seem to have stuck around so far, and I want to do whatever I can to remedy that. Day to day running of the Red squadron and all decisions would be totally up to you. But for the right person I would be happy to help get things started, share resources & research, assist with recruitment & visual design, and give advice on tactics, procedures, and general squadron housekeeping. I've learned a lot running this squadron, and would be happy to share everything I've learned, and help however I can.

We have members in multiple time zones, so we have some scheduling flexibility; we try to do a mix of regular events + "pick up and play" at any time. I don't think it's even necessary that an opposition squadron be primarily English-speaking like we are, or stick to a tight schedule with us. There are many good possibilities; the key thing is that both squadrons primarily play on the same server (to increase the odds of us running into each other), and share an interest in friendly, team-based competition. Encouraging multi-flight, strategic-level PvP sorties would be the ultimate goal.

If this rings any bells for you, or you already run a similar squadron, message me, let's talk. I think the key qualities you will need are: A) time/inclination to run such a squadron B) confidence with MiG-15 and good understanding of guns-only team flying C) friendly, can-do attitude.

If, on the other hand, you would be interested in joining such a squadron, but don't feel qualified to lead it, feel free to post, and I will save your screenname for a "mailing list" if/when such a squadron gets off the ground.

Thank you,

- SQ
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