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Default Gazelle Bugs and problems

Hello guys,

I've been flying the gazelle for a while now and i've found some issues with Mistral and M variant (didn't really fly the L that much, as very specific missions are required for it).

Some are esthetics, some are issues, some are not very important,

i'll start with the M variant,

1 - Viviane camera missing when in cockpit view, already reported a while back (, not very important but still.

2 - Viviane elevation/ left,right indicators not working, it seems to always indicate down, i think it used to work but i can't remember, if this behavior is normal then please let me know .

3 - Multicrew syncing weird behavior, now i know this is probably on EDs side of things but if anything can be done to improve it, that would be a defenitive plus.
The camera, after operating for a while, moves all over the place when inputing rudder, but if you restart it, it's fine, at least for the next 5 minutes,... Seems like it accumulates errors, then just gives up

Gazelle Mistral,

1 - Mistral missiles since the last update have become worse, much worse, i used to be able to lock (from the rear, should be all aspect, wich is another bug but apparently can't be fixed by polychop, so i'm not going to go over it again) a fighter sized target about 5 miles away, now i loose lock at 2ish miles, goes up to 6 if it's afterburning, this depends on alot of factors but i'm almost possitive they've became worse.

2 - This is more of a question, is the plastic shroud supposed to still be attached to the pods when the missile has been launched ?

like this

3 - Again, making an assumption, isn't there supposed to be a volume knob for the mistral tone ? Seems logical to have one, no idea if it actually has one, would be nice to know.

Common to Gazelle L and Mistral,

1 - FM radio backlight texture too big, not very important, it is worse on 2.1 thought, this bug does not affect the gazelle M as the FM radio is not in the same spot ^^.

2 - Left pylons / Right pylons arm switches, assumption once again, aren't they supposed to go in the off position when the red covers are closed ? Also the hitbox to turn them in the on position is accesible even if the red covers are shut. That last part isn't very important.

3 - Weapons control pannel "Standby" position not doing anything, in the standby position, i'm still able to fire missiles or whatever is have on board, don't know if it's supposed to be like that.

Common to all gazelle version :

0 - Flight model Just kidding.

1 - Radar altimeter warning, question here, is it only this lightbulb, no audio warning, it's not really necessary as the pilot can keep an eye on it easely but just wanted to know.

2 - RWR CROC, does anyone know what it's supposed to do and if it's working at this moment ? Or will it be implemented later ?

3 - UV backlight working without battery, ground power, alternator, generator on. I suppose that's a bug.

4 - Radio selector knob, more of a request then a bug, would be nice to have, all of the other helos have it, adds immersion.

And last but not least 5 - Intercoms volume level rotative, would be nice to have, just for immersion, when using the gazelle in multicrew with SRS.
Maybe the Mistral Tone volume knob could be on this panel too.

Most of them aren't that important but even if those are small details they shouldn't be left out uncorrected (at least for the ones that are indeed bugs or uncorrect behaviors), small details can break the immersion and/or the feel of the aircraft .

Anyways, thanks for reading this book .

Regards, Rex.

PS : absolutely love the gazelle, love the work you guys have done on it, to be clear this is no "everything is broken and i'm mad" post, just someone who likes when things are tidy and well sorted, doesn't take any of the joy that is flying this aircraft away thought .
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