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Originally Posted by borchi_2b View Post
@Damcopter : Just drop me a personal message and we can discuss certain aspects. We can also share our real names that way and if it is ok for you I would forward the information to the commander of Le Luc, who invited us already to see the base and the flightschool for a day or 2. I am open to any professional discussion and would send the information gatherred in a private discussion forward to a buddy of mine who flys the Gazelle for the french special forces.
So this 'promising' consultation and investigation into the correct aircraft performance between yourself and Damcopter happened a year ago now - did these improvements/refinements in the FM ever eventuate, or was it all just hot air? Actions speak louder than words.
Did your 'buddy who flies for the special forces' assist with FM refinements?
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There is no need for such a tone in your messages, we're always open for discussion. I understand your sentiment though as it takes a long time. We're in contact with 2 SME's other than Damcopter in order to prepare for a flightmodel update. I'm repeating myself but I want to be clear on this; Polychop is a small team and we're working on a new module, with different approaches to flightmodel coding, graphics etc. This new module will pave the way for Gazelle updates. In the mean time any Gazelle updates will be critical bugfixes, which we're working on as well.
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I never knew about the Gazelle. I will download it tonight. I just got back into DCS again since I started using VR (what a game changer!)...

I am also very EXCITED about the Kiowa Warrior and looking forward to it. BTW I have numerous REAL pilot friends and coworkers with 10’s of thousands of hours of combined OH-58D combat time, if you need any additional consultation.
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Default Ok. My take on the Gazelle vs. Huey

DCS is a simulation. Helicopters are inherantly difficult to simulate, due to all of the aerodynamics involved. DCS does provide a pretty good flight environment model though; and its been demonstrated by the first three helicopters. The other issue is lack of proprioceptive/vestibular motion and the availability of realistic simulator flight controls. It will never be true to life, but a good developer realizes this and adjusts accordingly.

With that being said, I loaded up the Huey with my MS FFB2, CH throttle (strapped to the side of my chair with reverse axis to simulate collective), and my cheap saitek pedals. I was able to pick the huey right up to a hover and with very little practice, it became familiar as a helicopter and easy to fly. With no SCAS/SAS/stability it is a workload, and that is very well simulated. You can feel its performance change, based on DA and weight. It takes good attention and power management to fly.

The Gazelle, on the other hand, is horrible in contrast to not only the Huey, but every sim helicopter I’ve ever tried since 2004. I can tweak the excessively sensitive controls as needed and its awkward for me as I’m not used to flying clockwise main rotor aircraft, but this thing just does not fly realistically at all. How does it have so much power? I fly IRL daily in a dual 760 shaft hp bird by the same manufacturer and even on a low density altitude day at 2000 lbs under max gross, I would overtorque the shit out of the main transmission and hit N1 engine limits trying to give it the power that this single 590 hp Gazelle engine simulates in DCS.

I get its a rigid rotor system and the cyclic is sensitive. That doesn’t mean it has to become even more sensitive in the sim. Force trim should also work properly. It does on the other three DCS helicopters.

My favorite test of any sim helicopter is autorotations. I get that the Gaxelle has a very low inertia rotor system using fiberglass reinforced plastic blades, but at a 100 knot autorotational entry, I should be able to maintain NRO at >60 kts and maintain a glide rate commesurate with airspeed. This is a single engine combat aircraft. Its ability to propey autorotate is critical.

I kinda regret spending the money on it. You guys at PC really need to go back to the drawing board. I can understand why so many of your customers are upset.

Graphics wise, its a great looking model. I would add a little more bright contrast in the cockpit to make the gauges more readable.

I hope you do a much better job on the Kiowa.
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Turn off forcefeedback. The "feature" is dead and it messes with the controls.
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Originally Posted by EC145 Pilot View Post
the power that this single 590 hp Gazelle engine
Doesn't the SA-342 have the 870 hp Astazou XIV engine?
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As PickleMonster already mentioned, turn off force feedback. It completely breaks the controls (think something like huge deadzone and extremely weird behavior), unlike every other module without FFB that at least defaults to a normal spring-loaded stick.

It was announced ages ago as not being developed any further and has never been fixed (despite promises as such).

Which is why I have pretty much zero expectations of seeing it for the Kiowa, and a significant reason to reconsider buying it. Works wonderfully in the Huey, Mi-8 and especially the KA-50.
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Once more on the breach,the poor little gazelle is object of vindicate by players who are unable to control it.
The fact that you are able to fly a model in the real life doesn't mean you will be able to do same in a simulator;It depend too much of your péripherics to make comments and compare.
480 kw = 644 hp
649 kw = 870 hp

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Real Gazelle is stunning, no so far from the sim:

24 Flotilla Geweih

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Originally Posted by Beltza View Post
Real Gazelle is stunning, no so far from the sim:

The pedal turn was as uncontrolled as in DCS. 100 % match
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