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Well, i know im not the only one. Will try that in a test and see what happens.
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First and for most I wanted to Thank LRRP for all the Help he has given me over the last few weeks in getting the Sabre up and flying/ and assigning keys etc. Also in the mission builder. This morning by accident I found an option to zoom in on objects that I had placed in the map beyond it's icon. much better than the default F7 key provided. I can place zoom in align see the terrain adjust without leaving the mission editor. So no more flying the mission hitting F7 then back to the editor adj, etc. along the bottom of the map screen there is a icon looks like the top down view of a tank to me, switching to Satillite then clicking show models I can place adjust see the terrain all with just clicking that icon and zooming in. Outstanding, I have been searching for a way to do this and was not able to find that till Today. Not sure if it's new or just wasn't smart enough to find it earlier. Again Thanks to LRRP for helping me along. ~FC
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