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Originally Posted by Bogey Jammer View Post
I vote for a stop.

this is getting out of hand, on both sides!
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I am too disappointed about this whole issue.

Unfortunately the mods don't fix the sun reflection issue that some people have mentioned here and I reported here to no avail. This is I think an even bigger issue than the dirt on the cockpit because there is just nothing you can do to work around it. Good luck landing into a sunset like this!

Until today I just didn't like these things but today I am really surprised about the devs response that I find completely unprofessional. I will certainly think twice about supporting them in the future again, like so many others here.

I'm not going to beat a dead horse. The devs like it this way and they have a right to do it this way. We disagree, fine. But I can't get to understand this from the point of view of their business. The basis of a business is providing customers with a product they are happy about so that you create a good relationship. Regarding the "artistic view": we are not buying a work of art, we are buying a functional software product and right now functionality is limited by an artistic decision. The customers have expressed their concern and we all know the reply we got.

I guess in the future we will vote with our wallets. It's a real shame though, Rudel and co are clearly highly talented and it's beyond me how such a simple issue has gone this far.

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Originally Posted by cuervo111 View Post
I guess in the future we will vote with our wallets.

It seems that's the only way to respond to the "statements" the devs are giving.

I'm wondering why ED is still supporting that kind of behaviour. In the end, this module is also a part of their business. Just sort out the moldy tomatoes.
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I'm personally quite fond of the weathered cockpit, but can't stand the dirty canopy glass.
Still that's not the thing that makes the module unplayable to me.
The broken ASP does.
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