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Default Forum rules clarification

Hey guys!
I'd like to suggest two changes to the forum rules:

about the quoted point:
(belonging to section 1.14 It’s forbidden to create threads/topics containing in their title/body
- no link to forum section (flame);
What has a link to a forums section to do with a flame? Is that a mistranslation from the russian forum rules, or maybe a copy and paste error from the point below it (offtopic)?

So yeah, we shouldn't flame. That's clear to most people I guess, it is just that the wording sounds really confusing to me.

The second part is that I'd like to suggest writing down a rule that is enforced anyway, to avoid confusion, to avoid deleted posts, and to have a point to link people to:
- It is not allowed to compare DCSW technology, visual style or content to other computer games and/or simulations regardless of genre.

That's it.
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