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Default ED search 3D Modeller to make 3D effects

From Russian Forum by Chizh:
We are looking for a specialist (artist) for VFX effects on contract work.

Knowledge of 3dsmax.
Knowledge of the particle system in 3dsmax.
Knowledge of any of the packages volume simulation (FumeFX, Afterburn, Houdini, etc.)

What needs to be done:
Draw animated textures particles for the present and future effects.
To simulate the dynamics of the explosion.

At the exit we would like to get something in this style:

Worthy payment is guaranteed.

Send mail to my email address chizh@eagle.ru
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Hope they find someone able to deliver that result. That would be fantastic!
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The last engine had some nice smoke effects we sadly lost before the edge conversion due to incompatibilities etc... example was the dark grey smoke from damaged/destroyed aircraft. youtube video > /watch?v=cVeSDWy6WHU&t=117s
The replacement is the current overly fluffy black smoke which doesn't gives much the sense on speed from the debris or the smoking aircraft.

I take that a lot of current particle assets are placeholders for some much more impressive effects to come.

These effects examples through the link from the russian forum are phenomenal. I hope ED finds the talent to get something like this aesthetics in DCS.

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Those effects look insane. If DCS can get those kind of fx...that would just be unreal.
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Originally Posted by Witchking View Post
Those effects look insane. If DCS can get those kind of fx...that would just be unreal.
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Originally Posted by watermanpc View Post
Holy smoke, Batman!!!
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Rn28 needs that explosion effect.
this simple channel is really interesting, love it.
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Oh my God.... Those effects in game, I'd wet myself.
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Can't we copy the file in game? The work was done...

By the way: Chapot ED that you search for more developers! When the money comes, investments must be made to get a better and bigger product to get a significant grow of customers!
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I made this little test while designing some smoke for a il2 movie a while back

I DONT envy the person who gets to design these things for living they are very fickle programs to use and the rendering times and file sizes are horrendous , I strongly suspect that the final explosions once they hit the game will also be very dialed back

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