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Originally Posted by redmantab View Post
While I'm here - an additional silly noon question if I may. When landing at the airport I took off from at the end of a mission.... Would I land in the same direction I took off from? So that when I finally come to a a stop after landing I'm at the end of the runway right near where I took off? I'm new to flight so take it easy on me here
IIRC tower gives you the runway when you declare inbound or at least during final approach.
Usually it's the same course you used during takeoff.

I would love to see a proper ATC system in DCS , as for now is useless.
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So true. Easier said then done, at least in my case. Especially spatial relationship between own ship and bulls-eye.
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1- It helps to remember the table for detection of fighter sized crafts versus bomber sized crafts.
2- If you can close distance to detect said targets by putting marks on map after two bogey dope calls say 2 minute apart, you can plot an intercept on map especially if you have F-10 ownship only checked in gameplay.
3- AWACS reports aspect of bandits to you, flanking means trying to get to your sides, cold means going away, hot means closing in.
4- Altitude reported is native to AWACS coalition. US E-2/3 report in feet, while Il-76 reports in kilometers AGL.
5- try to be lower than reported bandit altitude to mask off ground clutter and allow radar elevation changes to above horizon to acquire a target higher than you. that is to say make it easier to pick bandit up on radar if in detection range per point 1.
6- Yes you land against facing the direction you took off from. meaning, if you took off to the east,you also land from the west. Single direction. or like aircraft carriers, stern to bow.

Fat T is above, thin T is below. Long T is faster, Short T is slower. Open triangle is AWACS, closed triangle is your own sensors. Double dash is friendly, Single dash is enemy. Circle is friendly. Strobe is jammer. Strobe to dash is under 35 km. HDD is 7 times range key. Radar to 160 km, IRST to 10 km. Stay low, but never slow.
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Originally Posted by probad View Post
please dont request picture, you're not the only person in the air and when awacs is spending a minute listing all the contacts it sees youre denying your teammates access to bogey dopes.
This isn't really relevant even for multiplayer. There are times when a picture is more useful in MP environment, since it applies to everyone at once. Like you said, you're not the only one flying. For example, your closest bandit might not be the one flanking to kill your AWACS. The AWACS is a more important asset than any individual player flown aircraft. If you know your own BRA from bulls (like you should), it spits out a wall text you could still extrapolate from. Obviously it should be used sparingly, but it isn't logical to tell someone not to use it.
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