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Are we going to see anything happen from wishlist?
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Is there any way to give AI gunners direct fire commands instead of changing the firing mode (hold/return fire/free fire)?

If not, it would be a nice addition!

I'm making a VoiceAttack profile for the Huey, and looping through the firing modes is lame, it would be better if I could order them to shoot or to hold...
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Quote: It would be nice to see the rest of the armament in the future !!

ours is modeled off the Australian Bushranger but yes we are missing armaments

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Multi-crew still planned?? It would be really badass.. probably the best VR flight co-op thing I can imagine... flying with a buddy and gunning in the Huey.

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Any word about the AN/APR-39?

I would appreciate a RWR even more than sharing my cockpit with a mate.
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Default Huey Flight Model

Hi. I sure know this will be a downer, but could you please look at the flight model of the Huey. It is so annoying how it likes move around in cirkels all the time. Of cause there is vibrations from engine roters ect. but I am most surtan, that it will be vibrations mostly. No matter if I put setting for vibrations to 0 or 100 %, it will not affect that annoying cirkling around all the time. Behaps you could impliment inside setting an adjustment from 0 to 100 % on that cirkling issue as well.
Sure hope to see this change one day and feel a bit more realistic or simple remove it. I did fly mostly the Huey, but could also emagin it is a issue in you russian helicopter.
Hope to see an update of flightmodel soon or simple a adjustment possible inside setting for those annoying cirkels.....
Good work otherwise. Awesome sounds and a beautifull bird Keep up the good work and hope to see more helicopters from you soon
Greating Jan Nielsen Denmark.....
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Originally Posted by nielsenjan View Post
. It is so annoying how it likes move around in cirkels all the time...

Physics my man

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Considering that the Huey flight model is probably the most unanimously recognized as realistic in the community (as far as what a decent PC can do), and that's coming from numerous real life helicopter pilots and ex Huey ones, one can only assume one or several of these:
- you've been flying helos on Flight Simulator or Arma3 and as such been completely mislead on how a chopper flies
- you have been flying fixed wing in DCS most of the time and expect a chopper to be as easy to fly as a fixed wing.
- you just starting to learn the Huey and don't have the proper controls to fly this bird

Of course, "one" can be mistaken, apologies in advance if this is not the case.

So you are right, actually no chance at all to see the Hueys FM to be changed (mainly if the purpose is to make it "stop circling all the time" because that would kinda piss off a lot of people here)

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If I understand Jan correctly, it is the constant, "circular" oscillation up-down-side-to-side one can observe the nose is doing in forward, stabilized(!) flight (as if the helicopter was pivoted at mass center). Unless a very lightweight helicopter like the R22, one can expect that kind of motion not to be that pronounced as the case in the DCS Huey, both due to mass and directional stabilizers. At least that is my own experience from a rather limited number of flights as passenger in Longranger's and even during my 140h of piloting the R44.
But I have never had the honor of being even close to an operational UH1 of any version to actually know. And I'm rather satisfied with the DCS one myself, even if this oscillation feels rather artificial sometimes.
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The whole oscillation just comes from the semi rigid under slung rotor design. The Bell 206 and OH-58A/C felt about the same when I was learning to fly. Also some of us at BSD got together last year and got to fly in the back of a UH-1H and it felt very similar to in game.

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