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Default Optimization for AMD specs

Here are my computer specs. Any input in what would be good settings in game and in Radeon control center? I get a fairly smooth frame rate external view but not so great in cockpit. I use track IR 5 as well. I can have like 10 ground units and 5 planes and have multiple freezes so by the time it unfreezes I have already been shot down.

Windows 7 64 bit Home premium
ASUS 990FX Sabertooth Motherboard
AMD 1100T Black edition 3.3GHZ processor turbo 3.7GHZ
AMD 6850 Sapphire 1gb vid card
16 GB Ram
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I'm sorry to say your pc does not come anywhere near meeting DCS minimum specs . In settings , turn everything off or at its lowest , limit all AI . Best to practice navigation missions only with those specs .
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You may be able to squeek by in the previous DCS version, 1.5.8, but the modern 2.5 version released in 2018 will flat out not work on your PC. My Dad is running a FX 8320(?) and Nvidia 1060. You can go a little lower than that, but not a lot.
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The biggest problem is probably your graphics card. I upgraded from the 6850 to a nvidia gtx770 when dcs went to 2.5 cause a 1 gig graphics card just won’t do it, especially on multiplayer. Even then I’m on the low end and a 900 series card is probably minimum for anyone getting into this.

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What would be a budget friendly video card to have middle end system in DCS?
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Raw CPU Ghz is not as important as IPC (instructions per cycle). A video card will help, but it might not be enough.

For a decent mid-range card....AMD 480/580/590 (4-8Gb) or NVidia GTX 1060/1070/1070ti

A couple of the biggest hits to performance in DCS are Civilian traffic and Shadows. Disable both and see if you have better results.

If you can swing it a Ryzen 1600/2600 on a B350/B450 board with 16Gb DDR4 and a video card mentioned above would be a very good performer for low dollars.
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Finding myself in a situation where I'm currently stuck using the exact same GPU what I can tell you is basically leave the radeon driver settings at default, goes into the DCS settings and hit the Low preset, turn the normal textures option to high, if you fly mostly newer modules you can try medium but it's an unreadable mess on older ones. Make sure ground shadows are off, regular shadows you can set to low with minimal impact. Pretty much turning anything else up or on its going to be noticeable. Outside of larger cities, as long as the CPU can keep up, you can expect it to hold 20-25 and fps stable, not ideal but workable. Around larger cities, don't expect more than 12-15 fps no matter how low you crank the settings, the card just can't do it. And don't bother overclocking your 6850, the 1GB memory is mainly what holds it back and no safe level of OC will make a noticeable impact.
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Add to that as a general observation the maps make a difference as do modules.

NTTR fastest (Least CPU/GPU usage)

Caucasus Good

PG Okay but slower

Normandy slowest (Highest GPU/CPU usage)
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Originally Posted by steelrfan85 View Post
What would be a budget friendly video card to have middle end system in DCS?
The RTX 2060 performs comparatively to a GTX 1080 for $350 USD, with 6gb of GDDR6, 2070 has 8GB of GDDR6 and is inbetween 1080 to 1080Ti performance for $500. RX580 8gb or 1060 6gb might be found for around $200, but I think the bare minimum I'd recommend right now is the 2060. $20-$50USD more than a new gtx 1070 with gtx 1080 performance, also offering a slightly higher memory bandwidth @ 336GB/s over the gtx 1080's 320GB/s

https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-spec...rtx-2060.c3310 I can't speak for the accuracy of this article, but they show the 2060's relative performance as an average of 3% higher than a 1070Ti, and 3% lower than a gtx 1080 @ 1080P. 14% more performance than a 1070.

a 2070 by comparison, with 8gb of GDDR6 is showing 15% faster than a gtx 1080 or 18% more than a 2060 @ 1920x1080 for another $150. Article in that regard seems about in line with what I've seen from people doing comparisons on youtube.

You might be able to luck out used. I like warranties personally.

AMD might push out some new GPU's throughout the year as well that might be rather impressive cost for performance looking at the Radeon VII benchmarks if you feel like waiting it out. @$700 the Radeon VII isn't looking bad at all vs RTX cards. But probably not that budget friendly.. so we'll have to see what AMD releases gpu wise in 2019.

It's definitely time to replace the GPU. I haven't had less than 4gb of VRAM since like 2013. And gpu's are using gddr6 and HBM now, dcs can put that to use.

CPU was released in 2010. A GPU upgrade MIGHT make the game playable, but you'd probably enjoy an upgrade to ryzen or just about anything manufactured in the last couple of years to go with it. DCS likes single-threaded performance with DX11, although that could change when vulkan comes. Ryzen 5 3000x series are purported to be pretty beastly, also expected to be coming sometime this year. Just looking up the clockspeeds the X series is going to run at I just had a slight nerdgasm.

Just personally, depending on your budget I'd think less about total investment and think more in terms of buying a part here and there within a weekly/monthly budget until you get yourself a build that should hopefully last you at least a few years, starting with the GPU, followed by a cpu, motherboard, ram, maybe a decent PSU depending on your current wattage and at least the minimum recommended wattage for your gpu and most definitely a solid state drive to run DCS off of (it's nice for the OS drive as well..boot so much faster than an HDD).

I wish I could break it more gently, but this hobby has its costs. You might be able to reduce costs with used goods and less recent hardware, but the more recent the hardware the more peace of mind imo, warranties, driver support, more recent cpu architecture.
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Would the gtx 1070 be compatible with my motherboard?

3 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (dual x16 or x16, x8, x *1
1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4 mode, black)
1 x PCIe 2.0 x1
1 x PCI
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