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Originally Posted by BitMaster View Post
This is called FREEDOM of CHOICE.

You can choose whom you listen to and make up your own opinion.

No one forces anybody to watch any of those vids.

If you dont like them, dont watch them.

No need to discredit that guy.
No that's called Feedback. It's what separates a good source from well, most of the internet.

Using other people's feedback is how you make a choice of who to listen to. He's allowed to be wrong, but he's also not exempt form people saying he's wrong.
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Originally Posted by Infiltrator View Post
Let's just look at the facts and not get personal. Did Asus save money with their marketed "twin 8 VRM"? Yes. Is Asus charging more money for their inferior Z390 board? Yes. Do the phase 4 VRM run hotter than phase 8 VRMs? Yes. Is overclocking with a phase 4 VRM board arguably harder to do than a board with an 8 phase VRM? Yes.

Unless this Asus scandal turns out that having 'less is more' Asus has been trying to scam their customers. It doesn't get much more simpler than that. There's no sugar coating it just because up to now Asus' products have been sublime. Asus' reputation would have been taken a massive hit over this. Not because I said, but because people who buy their premiere products tend to use their brain to form their own opinions. Of course, Asus will now attempt to whoa back the customers they've lost to Gigabyte by releasing a board with stellar VRM set to blow the competition away, but we'll still be left asking ourselves " why" did Asus make such a stupid decision to market their "twin" BS!
Do you have any bench tests that definitively say their really double 4 is significantly worse than an 8 Phase? There's always a lot of factors involved with engineering decisions, And it would be great if those were more up front but marketers gotta market.

But, The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Is this an Academic problem or an actual function problem, and to what degree?

This counter argument seems to say the Twin 4 appears to have a smoother faster load response than an extended 8 phase. and with less divergent behavior during load changes.

I'm wondering if the Marketing Gimmicks on both deployments are equally bad.
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Throw my oar in the water here.

I got a couple 9900k CPUs very early, one of the first other than reviewers to get a CPU or two. I ordered the Asus Maximus Hero XI z390 board, and got it in early November.

Built a system around that, 9900k/Asus ROG Hero z390, 32 gb 3200 Gskill, M.2 1 TB drives, 2080tis, etc etc.

System ran great for 2 days. Hadn't overclocked it yet, just stock speeds, and then boom, blue screen of death about 49 hours into using it. Had to trouble shoot every component, and it came down to the motherboard.

I'll also mention that 2 of the SATA ports on this MB didn't work out of the box, but after putting the whole system together, I wasn't going to pull it apart and RMA the board for 2 ports I wasn't using anyway (I just used other ports that did work for my Evo 860 SSD drives).

Anyone who has had to do this knows what a GIANT PITA it is to figure out which component has died...was it the new CPU, the PSU, etc etc etc? You need another PC pretty much in order to swap things in and out of, and with how new the z390 and 9900k/2080ti/etc were a few months back, this took some doing. So, I had to buy a local Asrock MB as there was nothing else in stock close by in order to troubleshoot the CPU/PSU/2080ti, as all the usual steps for checking the MB wouldn't get it to post, and I was pretty sure it was the culprit then.

Contact NewEGG (first time dealing with them as I have a Canadian dealer MemoryExpress I almost always use, but they weren't getting the CPU/GPU for another 2 months back then), NewEgg tells me tough crap and to contact Asus. Put up a 1 star review on Newegg of the board, and Asus contacts me. Send them the board (at my expense). They tell me one of the socket pins was slightly bent, and void my warranty. The pin was NOT bent, I'll post pics of the board I took prior to sending it in. It wasn't even the socket which caused the failures, plus the 2 ports out of the box not working - they didn't care.

I've purchased dozens of Asus boards and GPUs in the past. Not to mention at least a dozen ROG LCD monitors including 2 4k 144hz PG27UQs, a 34" ROG Gsync, 3 27" ROG Gsync 2 of which were the 165hz IPS units, and 3 of the original 144hz 24" Asus gaming panels. Provided them receipts and serials of this. Asus didn't care.

To hell with Asus, I'll be actively avoiding them from now on. It's not the $, I spend thousands yearly (probably monthly is more accurate) on PC gaming gear, and the $350 CAD cost is negliable. It's just them not honoring their warranty that pisses me off. What happens with the 3 year warranty on the $2000 4k/27"/Gsync monitors if they fail in the future?

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Thank you all for the entertainment.
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Attache ta tuque avec d'la broche.

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All my ASUS stuff hasn't missed a beat, touch wood....

Motherboard was last of it's gen, so it should be good I guess. Version 1 of anything has me a little worried, especially with cars. I don't usually buy Version 1.0 of anything.

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Originally Posted by RustBelt View Post

I'm wondering if the Marketing Gimmicks on both deployments are equally bad.
There's your problem, Marketing.
Control is an illusion which usually shatters at the least expected moment.
Gazelle Mini-gun version is endorphins with rotors. See above.
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Only had one ASUS board im my life and that was over 20 years ago. The 'Socket 7' ASUS board always crashed with my Diamond Viper graphics card which was connected to a Diamond Monster 3D accelerator. After a few days of trying to solve the problem without having any success, I replaced the board with a vanilla board from HSINTECH. That one worked without any problems. Never again touched an ASUS board since those days, because I never felt the need to do so. There are many other manufacturers in the market.
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I've always loved Asus' products. In fact I've not long taken delivery of an RT-AC86U router. My RT-AC87U was terrible and handling OpenVPN traffic due to the Broadcom CPU not supporting AES NI, but the RT-AC86U maxes out my VPN connection. Asus' firmware has always been good and Merlin"s iteration of the firmware is excellent. I ordered the router before I learnt of this twin 8 VRM BS. I don't take too kindly to any company ripping their customers off, so I'm asking myself if I would have bought another Asus product had I known whatI now know.

Is always been the way that when a company builds its reputation with good products once they've build a base of loyal customers they look to boost profits by finding ways to manufacture the products more cheaply. The fact Asus admitted it was a mistake to market their Hero boards as "twin 8 phase" VRM is admission they were trying to decieve their customers. People can dress it up all they want and post all the ridicule and criticism they like, but nothing can change a simple truth.

But hey, every cloud has a silver lining, and at least in the cold winter months those boards will keep the hardcore Asus fanboys nicely warm and toasty
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