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Originally Posted by BitMaster View Post
If you want to host a "big" server for DCS, with say 64 Pilots, you do need a considerable amount of UPLOAD and a good WAN connection in general. Normal household connections do not suffice this requirement.

In order to make that still happen, people rent a server in a DataCentre where bandwidth and good overall connection quality is granted, usually 1Gbit or better UPLOAD + DOWNLOAD.

The downside is the price, the better the hardware your rent, the more bandwidth/traffic-volume you book, the more expensive it gets. On top of the hardware, electricity and connection costs you will be charged a monthly fee for using a prop. OS like MS Windows. The price I paid for 1 server was iirc 110€ for a Linux based server and around 135€ for the same machine with a Windows Server OS. aFter 12 month, you paid 300€ just for Windows...OK ?

So, if we had a Linux capable DCS dedicated server module, anybody or any Group of Pilots could save some big cash over the year if we wouldnt have to go with a MS driven server.

The downside is, less people and pilots know Linux good enough to set up a gameserver on it, but its nothing you cannot learn in a week or two with some help. I wouldnt be afraid.

That's what "gameserver in a DC" means
When you live in a city where 1Gb up/down is the standard and hear it's not normal

J/k.. I could have 10Gbit up/down for a few hundred USD a month.. so if any server admins are looking for rental space.. *cough*
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