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Lightbulb New tech discussion section


Following a request from the community, we have added this "tech discussion" sub-section to the forum.

Please note that it is not meant as an official tech support function(although it may occassionally be used as such), but rather to provide a place for community members to help each other solve computer related issues, give advice on hardware matters etc.

Please keep posts of such subjects within this forum section

- JJ.
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Default Installing [LockOn Gold] over V1.02 NOVICE help Plz

hello my friend! am truly sorry if I picked wrong thread for this (help question).
well! the thing is I have version 1.02, and today I purchased [LockOn gold] fifth aug 2006

I have tried to locate installation procedure how to install over previously game such my version 1.02!... do I have two uninstall my version first?

Or can I just install GOLD version over my previously one?

Do I need some patches for this installation?

If I have to uninstall my version first! which files should I save? I haven't learned yet 'which flies are most important!

Don't know if it matter! but I have Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar!! GOD!! I love this stick.

By the way! I know that some GOLD version, have some problems with disc 1 or 2, tried to write to [Evolved Games] for some information!.....If you can see on the package folder!... if I have purchased the real deal.

No answer or reply yet! well I think I will notice when I installing it.

best regards/// Mr.KingCobra
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Default I got It!

Well the best way to install it without any compatibility problems is over a clean install of 1.00. But if you haven't modded the game then you can easily just upgrade to 1.1. The only patch you need after that is 1.12a, it is the latest patch.
I don't know how the GOLD edition looks like but I guess that the first disc is 1.00 and the second one 1.1 so you need to put disc 2 into your pc. If you want to have multiple installs of LO (all versions from 1.00 to 1.12a) then read this thread: http://www.****************/modules.p...7b8b868024f4f3

THX: to--> Black_Hawk
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Default Need some help with ATI driver/Setings.

hello all flyers out there!

I'm not a' Advance PC user [IMG]http://www.****************/modules/Forums/images/smiles/icon_redface.gif[/IMG] so I need some HeLp for ATI drivers.

I'm just trying out the latest driver for ATI 6.7 and it doesn't seem to do anything better for [LockOn] I have tried to find out on Internet which driver is best for [lockon] even writing to ATI about this issue! no answer yet

So 'if there is any driver that's suits [lockon] in the best way, can you please help me with best settings in [ATI Catalyst control center] Like--> Anti-Aliasing/etc. etc. and which resolution works best for [lockon].

My equipment:

Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar=Latest update
TrackIR 4 PRO=Latest update

Chassi Arctic Cooling 350W
ASUS P5GD2, S775, 915P, PCI EXP. DDR2
CPU Intel 540 P4 FSB800 3.2GHz S775
DDR 2 1024MB DDR2 Non-Ecc CL4 (2x512MB
Seagate 7200.7 200GB SATA/150 2
ATI Sapphire, Radeon X800 XT PCI-E 256MB
SoundCard In MotherBoard 3D-SoundE = Xear3D CRL3D DS3d EAX2.0 A3D1.0
Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit
O/S XP Windows XP Pro OEM

graphics software:

Driver Packaging Version 8.273-060718a-035119C-ATI
CATALYST® Version 06.7
Provider ATI Technologies Inc.
2D Driver Version
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version
CATALYST® Control Center Version 1.2.2390.38630
AIW/VIVO WDM SP Driver Version
AV Stream (T200) Driver Version

graphics Hardware:

Graphics Card Manufacturer Built by ATI
Graphics Chipset RADEON X800 XT
Device ID 5D57
Vendor 1002
Subsystem ID 0312
Subsystem Vendor ID 1002
Bus Type PCI Express
Current Bus Setting PCI Express
BIOS Version
BIOS Part Number 113-A31904-104
BIOS Date 2004/06/16
Memory Size 256 MB
Memory Type DDR3
Core Clock in MHz 500 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz 500 MHz
Primary Display Yes

I hope this information will help to someone expert user!

O' I almost forgot to ask about speech recognition software!
which speech recognition is the best for [LockOn] on to use?

And not' using to much CPU, and what do I need, to make that work properly.

Bestregards: MrKingCobra
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Default developer tool?

is there some sort of "developer's tool" or console command for lockon that can create a log file of problems encountered during the game?.....

i have been trying to chase down a screen freezing problem, which i have posted in this forum has been a couple of weeks now, and i'm at my wit's end ...i have tried everything i can think of and things my flying buddies and previous posters here have thought of, to no result....
here's the problem, again: screen freezes, sound continues for few seconds, then goes silent with same frozen screen for a few more seconds...then everything snaps back into motion, but that many seconds down the course...or i've crashed into the ground....
here's what i have tried already:
reinstalled lockon
set graphics settings on low
ran lockon with default skins only
Dx diag - no problems
adjusted the page file
eliminated as many background programs as possible
ran 3DMark06- found out i have an average computer
updated bios
disabled the motherbord audio
updated video drivers
changed graphics config to "nv4_disp.dll" from the renderer dll
attempted Pilotasso's regedit, but it wouldnt keep the settings
....and damn, can't remember what else

GIGABYTE GA-K8N-SLI, AMD Athlon64 3500+,
(2) 1gb A-DATA DDR 400 RAM,
EVGA 256mb GeForce 7800GT,
WestDig 74gb 10k Raptor, WestDig 250gb 7200,
Soundblaster Audigy2 Value,

...please help....don't want to have to abandon lockon!
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I've just upgraded to Windows vista from xp, and I experience a very annoying sound problem. When I am sitting in the cockpit the sound always sounds like the engines are on 100%, despite I haven't even turned them on. Because of this I can hardly hear any other sounds: the real engine, airbrake, flaps, especially the RWR sounds.

The strange thing is, when I set EVERYTHING to 0 in the options/audio tab, I can still hear this sound.

Anyone else had this problem, or knows the solution?
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@cloud83: I have exactly the same problem with my LockOn under Vista32, no matter which driver I use or setting I configure in Soundpanel of Vista or Mixer in LockOn. Do you have found any information or idea of how to solve or minimze this problem? Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you
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Default To supouse

Well¡¡ hi folks,..
ah I am new so it will try to express me well. -
It happens that I have a similar problem with my version “1.01v Lock on gold” and my doubt was expressed in my mail so nothing else more,--- I see in the air chau . -
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witch is better for lock on
ATI X1950 or NV GF8600GT
(if you somebody can please answer quickly, i hope you understand)

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Originally Posted by -akyla- View Post
witch is better for lock on
ATI X1950 or NV GF8600GT
(if you somebody can please answer quickly, i hope you understand)
Actually, its a matter of personal preference here Budd.. I'm running 2 BFG 8800's in SLI.. I get very sharp clear renderings with this setup...


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