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I think ED is expecting all the hard work on this map will eventually pay for itself with new players and module sales.I think if we want to help ED out we should publicize DCS on other Sim/Gaming/VR sites.

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Sorry but I see this thread as some kind of troll. Nothing els.

ED know what they are doing and it works great.
The free map and the 2 free aircraft was what made me go into DCS. in advance I had the KA-50 and the A10 C. Now I have all the modules.

When the new Caucasus is coming out people would be amazed and have a great showcase. Slowly new pilots will start to buy some aircrafts. I don´t believe that would happen if it was Nevada. Honestly I don´t think Nevada is not that great a showcase for new pilots.

Have a nice day
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I would gladly pay, simply because I get hours upon hours of enjoyment out of DCS modules, whether its maps or modules; however, since that's not an option with the 2.5 Caucasus, I'll continue to buy DCS content left-and-right to support ED.

I cannot wait to buy campaigns intended for the Caucasus theatre, when the 2.5 merge goes live (I haven't been using the 1.5.x branch in a long time, so I might have missed some otherwise good campaigns for the Caucasus).

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Who allowed someone from Electronic Arts to start threads on here?

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Were all willing to pay for modules that dont fire weapons so why not lol?
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(I notice my story mimics quite a few others)
Wouldn't be playing DCS had they not offered the "core" for free. At the time the way single planes were priced made no sense to me, but I could try it for free so I gave it a shot. Pretty cool, so I got the A-10C. Rationalized it as "normal game" purchase since it was $60, but $0 for the core. After diving into the A-10C I realized why the pricing was set up the way it was... these were full fidelity simulations, not arcade eye candy... and well, lets just say now days ED has a lot of my $$$.

Point is many people don't know what DCS is or how it develops over time so they just stay away. A free download to get a taste has proven to pull in some of those people. They are getting paid for it, it's just by way of other modules. Modules that would have never been bought had the core not been free.
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This. MM2 is correct.

Caucusus is the showroom floor for DCS. It is where they get prospective customers coming in, climbing in and out of cockpits, taking stuff out on test drives ect and eventually making a decision on buying a new module or not. If not, fine, at least the customer made the decision based on facts and with little risk or outlay. Many people who downloaded the free stuff will not have gone on to buy, but then again I doubt they use the free stuff very much in any case. I would guess all of us that used it a lot started paying for modules within a couple of months.

Would the OP bother visiting a car manufacturers showroom if all its dealers charged a £50 admission fee.
All that has happened here is that DCS have ripped the guts out of their old showroom and put in a shiny new tiled floor, some fancy lighting and done a little redecorating to bring it into line with the current expectations of prospective buyers.

RSI once offered me free look into Space Citizen but after downloading it for hours, and starting it to take a look, I was called away after a few minutes. When I next got the chance to look in, the offer was revoked and I was bombarded with emails to buy payware. I never went back.

As for DCS, I tried it for a few weeks at my leisure, then went on to buy quite a few paid for modules including both terrains and most likely hormuz too when it comes out.
Note, being a CLoDder at the time I was already an avid combat flight simmer and knew about DCS, but I was hugely sceptical because of the need to buy it in separate, paid for modules, not in one hit. It seemed, and is a hugely expensive way of flight simming compared to traditional sims with multiple aircraft. Without Caucus and the free SU25, I would not be here now as I would not have seen and experienced where the value lies in DCS.

Which was the most successful strategy in my case...RSI or DCS?

Does the OP wish to pay for access to this forum too?
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Originally Posted by Mad_Max2 View Post
A free download to get a taste has proven to pull in some of those people. They are getting paid for it, it's just by way of other modules. Modules that would have never been bought had the core not been free.

Moreover, some may have purchased modules in various states of in-completion, and are expecting a map to play them on when they are finally perfected!?

Going forward, it would be kind of unfair for people who only purchased airplane modules to have no map to play on at all when the modules are completed.
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People like me who bought Nevada and Normandy Maps just to support ED should get the new Caucauss map for free. There should be atleast some incentive for the people who are paying the developers. Even when they initiate sale(Reduced prices), they should consider giving some incentive to the people who bought products on full price.

I mean I dont even play on Nevada or Normandy but I bought only in a way to support developers. But ED does'nt care much about the clients who support them.
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I think the current model works well for DCS, especially for new flyers. The bait is the beautiful landscape of the Caucusus. The hook is the free plane you also get - so you can fly with no money out your pocket. Shortly after, the soon to be core user will then then begin to wounder about the awesome modules available. And all you have to do is make one purchase and you are hooked......or maybe this was just my case. lol

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