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Default Ground AI

Yeah, installed Normandy yesterday after a longish break and noticed the ground AI is still broken. They can't follow roads, can't follow routes, run into buildings and stop, move two yards and stop, run in circles - and so on.

And that sucks. This would be an absolutely lovely map to build missions for, but how can you build anything if the ground units are U/S?

Now, this is a DLC map we've paid good money for, and the only thing missing so far is a finished and working product. Are we going to get it eventually?
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No change at this time, on Open Beta, last update. Yesterday, tested in MP with new spitfire. AI ground units can't follow roads in town, the first unit takes large turns when crossing intersections and sometimes goes out of road, even if no intersection, when some buildings are closed from the road.

I noticed a road problem in Ouistreham, near the church, if AI ground units use this road, they stop immediatly. I can't reproduce thos morning seems to be random when first vehicule can't move anymore after a turn too large, out of road.

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