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ED has historically overdelivered on every level with DCS. During Blackshark 1 I was looking forward to DCS going somewhere in the future, but I never imagined I'd be flying in VR with the terrain we're seeing now.. with CA, Normandy, a great ME, and the dozens of other mind blowing things they've done through the years. I have high expectations that we'll see some KA-50 love, and fragmentation physics, etc. I can't imagine how massive their code debt list is considering the high standards they hold along with the mind blowing complexity of this product. They're one of the better software companies where listening to the user base is concerned. The best thing we can do to contribute is write a bug report and be patient.. or if you're really passionate join the test team. It's a lot of hard work and time, but it's pretty rewarding to be part of what they do. I can tell you this; after being a tester you may be a lot more patient with the devs considering what they're able to achieve on a daily basis. I say this not argumentatively, but reflectively.
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Originally Posted by M1Combat View Post
FYI - They have acknowledged the lighting issue specifically in the KA-50 bug section and said it has been reported with "high priority".

None of us know what that means exactly, but... It may mean they'll re-do the cockpit. No sense arguing about it until we see what they do I reckon .

Here's the link -
Thanks Combat.

Being in "high priority" is a great thing. At this step I'm curious about what ED will do. Because, if they just add only a few specular maps into current textures I'd really really be disappointed. :\
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Originally Posted by msalama View Post
OK, since you clearly proved beyond any shadow of doubt how they just absolutely _have_ to put in work and not charge for it, how about saving your breath and not accuse others, since we're unable to disagree with such supreme logic anyway?

PS. Not willing to bet for them putting in any substantial work regardless, unless folks pay for it. But as proven by yourself already I'm stupid, whereas you seemingly are not

PPS. And that's it from my part. Not my war anyway, one way or another.
I think everyone sees your point from an economic point of view. Yes, work isn't free.

But we're not talking about extra features here. The cockpit lighting not working in the Ka-50 is a bug.
It's not even a major bug, but one that is fundamental to flying the Ka-50 effectively. The module is slightly broken and it should be fixed. That's it.
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I remember the when the KA was first announced, and brought out, and for me once I was in pit I was sold, I have always carried the opinion that DCS ( as it was and now) is run by people who care passionately not just about their products but also about the whole Flight sim ethos, and yes I am one of those who kind of smirk to my to myself knowing just how far DCS has taken us to this point,
I firmly believe that DCS will endeavour to do what is necessary to bring any of their products up to standard in a timely fashion and finally say I agree it does need some lipstick and a new set of Knickers, but if I add up all the time I have flown the KA, Id say that Lady is still worth every penny I spent on it.
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Still my favourite module.
By far the most powerful helicopter in the game.
It can do everything the others can (exept troop transport) and does it far better.

I've convinced three of my friends to purchase it recently.
It is a part of DCS World and of course it should be on par with the rest of the modules.
And I am convinced it will.
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I also agree with the many opinions here: The KA-50 definitely deserves more attention! Of course, it's more fun to develop new modules. But it would speak for ED if they would also take care of the old stuff as well. Because in my opinion, this module offers a lot! Personally I can spend hours with it and discover new things again and again. At least a graphic adaptation to DCS version 2.5 would suit the module well. And then, possibly a few additional features (for example, the missile approach warning system, ...) would fit the module really good. It would be a great pity for the KA-50 if this module would gradually sink into insignificance!
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Ka-50 is scheduled to have the cockpit updated for the new graphics engine.
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Originally Posted by SiThSpAwN View Post
Ka-50 is scheduled to have the cockpit updated for the new graphics engine.
Now that's some good news!

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Thats awesome news.

Thanks Sith...
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Originally Posted by SiThSpAwN View Post
Ka-50 is scheduled to have the cockpit updated for the new graphics engine.
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