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Originally Posted by slowfinger23 View Post
I understand your point but I reject that possibility if your fighting not an IA.
If you watch my post carefully , is all about to counteract the "8" AIM 120 that the F-18 can carry. You may defeat 2 or 3 of them not all 8's, so, you will need more than 2 M2Kc to have a real PK.
More over, in my youth i flew 5 years the F-5E Part III in air combat, so i know very well tactics BFM, TAC'S etc. Yes, is an old platform but fitted with good AIM 9's and Derby BVR missile, tactics change a lot. If I were flying an F-18 against 2 M2Kc's , i will try first to put de enemies in my envelope, ground, sea, etc, ( i'll choose my AO ) Second, i'll tray to put in defensive stage both M2 by launching 2 , 3 or 4 Amraams first, maintaining my energy and preventing the energy gain of my opponents, but if i loose the advantage i'll disengage to over a 30 or more nm. and then start all again if i'm not in Bingo parameters. I will still have the advantage to choose to engage or not, and all of that bcse, my more advance AA systems.
4 simultaneous amraams on two targets won't help you.

Mirage can also disengage at will, even more so than a 4 to 8 missile carrying F-18C .

Sure in a symmetric fight you have an advantage but I don't think it's so big that you will always loose the fight.
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