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Originally Posted by RedeyeStorm View Post
Hi Deadlyfishes,

I have an idea for more variaty in ground targets. I feel the present ones are more suited for dedicated CAS aircraft like the A10 and Su25.

On the mods section someone made a template for a railyard so something like that or a truckpark would make nice targets for more strike oriented aircraft like the Viggen. Also nice would be convoy like targets (some only soft others mixed with armour). Mobile would be amazing but static would be fine as well.

As ussual I have no idea what I am asking effort wise.

Thanks for a great mission.


Adding more templates would be fine, but it sounds very specific, like how most missions are designed. In this case it might be better for you to just create your own static layout inside the mission if you wish to do more missions like that.

Because of how the spawning works, the layout might not work in certain areas and might bug or glitch through terrain/buildings/objects.

Also here's an update:
UPDATE 03/18/2019 - 1: v1.51c

- Further addressed and fixed an issue where EWRS and the MISSION SPAWNING radio menus were not properly working.
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