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Originally Posted by AeriaGloria View Post
Pretty sure the AKG behavior is intended and that DL pod is required

As for bomb auto drop, double check your WMD-7 is SPI

I know the pod is required, just wondering if it does loops IRL when w/o pod (not that the pilot would forget the pod). Also, the AKG flight path doesn't seem to behave as described in the manual with regard to DIR/COO modes - it doesn't really, quote: "fly to SPI directly" and "attack PP point".
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Not sure about the PP/COO behavior but the looping is likely a byproduct of its TFR that doesn’t want it below a certain altitude unless it’s locked on or controlled. It’s doing loops off the rail or terminal?

As for auto drop, you can also double check your FCS is looking at the right SPI by looking at waypoint 40 in the DST page. It should overwrite itself to match your SPI every time you make a new one

And sorry I meant SOI earlier when I said making sure WMD-7 is SPI. Still new to glass!

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Yes, the wdm7 is set as soi when doing the bomb run, you can check it in the feels like the computer is not recognizing the designated target point even though it is correctly designated and visible in the hud unless it is in point track (boxed)...would love to have some answer from the devs...
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