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Default [REPORTED]3 blade prop bug on texture (animation)

I'm doing the new skin with black propellers (3 blade for Yak-52W).
I noticed that on low RPM (for example turn on/off engine) the texture for very short time is flashing (as a bright color).
You can see it at 0:04 and 0:06 (it exists on external view):

I did few tests with different textures but I noticed the same effect.
Something is wrong with animation on 3 blade prop.
Default propeller is white so its difficult to spot it but its present also.

As you can see, the same texture and it starts to glow for short time.

Lue file is ok:

{"Yak52_3BLADE_PROP_0", 0 ,"Yak52_prop3_00_N252WB",false};
{"Yak52_3BLADE_PROP_1", 0 ,"Yak52_prop3_01_N252WB",false};
{"Yak52_3BLADE_PROP_2", 0 ,"Yak52_prop3_02_N252WB",false};
{"Yak52_3BLADE_PROP_3", 0 ,"Yak52_prop3_03_N252WB",false};
{"Yak52_3BLADE_PROP_4", 0 ,"Yak52_prop3_04_N252WB",false};
{"Yak52_3BLADE_PROP_5", 0 ,"Yak52_prop3_05_N252WB",false};

Default texture - the same:

Looks like a bug on animation, pls fix it.
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Reported, thank you.
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