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Default [ALREADY REPORTED]CCIP : no wind correction

I tried to drop MK82 in CCIP mode with windwith the A10A. I was surprised because I couldn’t hit my target. I tried withside, rear, front wind without success. Bombsfall consistently off the target by a significant distance.
I was wondering if I was wrong with windcorrection and CCIP and I didn’t found any answer on internet nether on ED site.
I tried with the A10C in the same situationand I could hit the target. I think that the A10C has an automated windcorrection.
I tried to drop some FAB 250 with the SU27 with same wind and I couldn’thit the target (I’m not sure but I think all the FC3 aircraft have that issue)
I play on 2.5 “stable”.
I tried with the previous DCS version : the1.5.8 and there was no issue with CCIPmode with wind with the A10A.
I’m very surprised because I found nobody whoasked for that question before.
Some screenshots with a 72° and 10kts windat 33 feet and a 72° and 21 kts at 1600 feet :
With side wind and when the CCIP solutionis wrong, I noticed the velocity vectornot aligned with the bomb fall line

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Yes, I found this issue too. I tested the A-10A and SU-25T; they are all no wind correction in CCIP mode. Does anyone know any about this? Is this a bug or ED just deleted this function deliberately to make the advanced module prominent?
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I also observe this issue. I cannot hit anything with ballistic bombs in the Normandy target practice mission for the A-10A. The bombs just drift too much off target.
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Hi all

this issue is reported to the team, I will try and get an update on its status

thank you for your patience.
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The same happens with all FC3 modules.
Su-25, Flanker, MiG all have no wind correction. Not sure if it is intended that way. At least real MiG-29 (propably the other ones as well) had a ПЗ-mode to compensate for wind and moving targets.
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