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Default Identifying Targets

Hey guys

I'm very new to the advanced A2A radars in the DCS modules, and am now focusing on learning the F-14. I can get Jester to lock up targets, and switch between targets by number, but I was wondering if there is a command to tell Jester to read out what each target is? Ie "Jester, identify TWS Lock number one" or something similar? If not, what's the best way to:

a) identify if a target track is friend or foe (I *think* I might be able to use the radar symbology to do so?)
b) figure out what each contact on the radar scope is

Thanks in advance!
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a: Triangle = hostile like this /\ semi circle means friendly. A square means Jester hasn't yet identified it.
b: Not really until your close enough to identify it with the TCS (television camera) Jester will normally tell you what it is in STT when you get close enough to identify.

Reversed symbols (upside down) indicate a datalinked contact which you dont have on your own radar.. You cant shoot at these until you pick them up yourself.
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