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Default Updates causing erroneous actions to A10C

Good Evening,

Following recent updates to DCS World Open Beta, I am now having a number of issues with my A10C and was wondering if anyone else had similar problems?

The issues are:

No wheel brakes
No trim
Flaps constantly cycling
Nose steering will not disengage
Un-commanded Chaff and Flare operation (in "off" position)
Navigation, Air to Air and Air to Ground modes constantly cycle (only after airborne)
Un-commanded release of Air to Air missiles
Un-commanded firing of cannon
Un-commanded roll to the right

There may be other glitches but once the roll sets in it's not long before the a/c crashes into the ground.

Are there any experts out there with any idea what's going on?

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You may have another controller plugged in. Always check your control settings, you may have added some unwanted columns to your controls page.

Can always delete the folder per plane in your saved games folder.
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