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Default Excessive HUD and Instruments glare?

OK, so the current patch brought some cockpit changes to the Flanker. The instrument glass is a nice addition, however it causes a complete whiteout glare at certain sun angles.

All instruments including MFD and HUD become completely blanked with a mat white texture, thus unreadable, the HUD filter (whats the point of having it?) also causes the HUD to become invisible rather than fixing the glare (what it is intended for) in those conditions.

I believe the effect is completely overdone and unrealistic:


Watch the above vid for reference.

I hope this issue is fixed in next patch as it is a HUGE handicap to a Flanker pilot who would be suddenly completely blinded by the sun at angles. The HUD filter also needs a rework...
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Whoa, just launched Su-27 after reading this post. The effect in game is terrible and has nothing to do with how tinted glass behaves in reality. Besides, the HUD glass is not tinted IRL, it's barely visible.

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The glare comes to the flanker, huh . Try adjusting the cockpit shadows to see if it helps at all.

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The glare has always been in the flanker... done very well, up until now, unlike the Darth Vader mask on F15 with constant lighting easy mode. LOL

The effect is now however is totally botched. Doesnt take a scientist to figure it out. And obviously not shadows related... but thanks for asking.

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Pic related, how i feel flying the flanker now

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Unbelievable, we have white discs over the dials now just like PS2 graphics. What was so wrong with the original glare?
I'm so glad ED are working on such critical stuff.
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Winston 60
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This new effect is totally unacceptable to me. Before there was nothing wrong here, now the Flanker is, for me at least, un-flyable in this condition. ED please get this repaired immediately. I would also recommend to not spend time and resources messing around with things that are not broken. "If it's not broken... don't fix it!" Perhaps it's better to spend the manpower for now on 2.5 development, or fixing things that need to be fixed?
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Wipe off more dust or wipe off less dust, either might help.

Other than that it looks a lot like glass or plastic covered displays under direct sunlight. Can't read a bloody thing until you move a hand to shade it.

Either that or you need glasses or a visor that are polarized. Though in the case of display screens that are polarized things can be just as bad with the filter as it goes either completely dark or turns a sort of rainbow/oil-spill color and the glare is gone but you still can't read anything.

So I guess they should implement a helmet visor setting?

Those aren't just plain white overlays though. It looks like an alpha/transparency layer with a gradient oriented toward the sun as a light source. It's just that the saturation is so high that you have to look really closely to see the gradient.
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I expected that this will be nice effect after I saw it in DCS2.0. And then we have pointed out that it is unusable like this. I do not understand why nothing had improved since the first edition and besides released in DCS1.5. Definitely the non-usable as it is. Should be more transparent and shadow to negate it and i`m not sure that any reflection can be on HUD.

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Low Blow
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Completely unrealistic. Needs to be fixed and fast please, ED.

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