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Squadron Name : 36° Stormo Virtuale
Teamspeak :
Contact Person : =36=Gaanalma
Aircraft Selection : F-15 , Su-27 , Su-25T , A-10C , Ka-50, Uh-1h .

Pilot Roster :
10 pilots, roster to be done (zulu +2)
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Squadron Name : 373vfs Phoenix
Contact Person : 373vfs_Petritis
Aircraft Selection : M2K

Pilot Roster :
6 pilots (zulu +3)
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Shadow KT
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Hmm, I am curious how many GCI slots will be taken

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Squadron Name: 718th =LnG=
Contact person: Hellrequiem
Teamspeak/Discord: &
Aircraft Selection. 2 x J-11A, 1 x A-10C, 3 x F15C, 1 x AV-8B
Pilot Roster:
Hellrequiem (-5 Zulu) J-11A
Rogago (-5 Zulu) A-10C
RuSh (-5 Zulu) J-11A
Seawolf (-5 Zulu) F-15
Leacamba (-3 Zulu) F-15
Wolfpack (-5 Zulu) AV-8B
Wolfman (-3 Zulu) F-15

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I know chances are low...

_Rhino_ (+2 Zulu) Su-33/Su-27/J-11A
TS/D: can create if necessary
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Thanks to all those who signed up!

I know this will upset some of you but given the large numbers of participants and complexity of the event we think its best to have a ping limit of 250. We hope that makes it less likely we suffer server instability and client desync during the event. When we've run such events in the past that has always been a concern and nothing ruins a good event like a crash or desync 20 mins in.

Sorry again to those that will be impacted by this.

Wings lineup and mission briefings to follow.

51st TS
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Would we be able to get a server to test our latency on?

JG-1 would like to register as an attack element in the Wings 2018 event.

Squadron Name: Jagdfliegergeschwader 1 "Fritz Schmenkel" [JG-1]
Aircraft Selection:
-Dual role (dependent on team composition): Mirage 2000C, F/A-18C Hornet
-Attack: AV-8B N/A Harrier, Su-25A/T, Viggen
Pilot Roster:
-Klaiber- M2KC/Hornet/Harrier (Zulu-4)
-Britchot- M2KC/Hornet/Harrier (Zulu-7)
-Trev5150- M2KC/Hornet/Harrier (Zulu-4)
-Kliegmann- Su-25A/T (Zulu-5)
-Lipfert- M2KC/Hornet/Harrier (Zulu-7)
-Razwald- M2KC/Harrier (Zulu-5)
-Pfeil- Viggen (Zulu+2)
-Baron- Viggen (Zulu+2)
-Jonne- Su-25A/T (Zulu+2)

CPU - Intel 8088 @ 4.77 MHz; Memory - 128KB; 360KB
5 1/4" full-height floppy disk drive; 10MB Seagate ST-412 hard drive
JG-1 MiG-21bis Checklist

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Hi Britchot. If our server isn't up the easiest thing would be to join our TS and check your ping.

51st TS

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