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Originally Posted by Coxy_99 View Post
Well if the damage model is anything to go by but why would you do.this?
Is an 1-wing burning F15 with 3bags (2) doing 15g+ turns and shooting u down realistic? I guess not and still u see it.

Soon: Wing folded F18 and 1-wing burning F15 in formation flight shooting down bandits
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Originally Posted by BIGNEWY View Post
Of course no serious pilot would fly in this configuration
When I clicked that video in the original post and heard Cap's voice about a second in, I knew enough
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Originally Posted by Charly_Owl View Post

Thanks mate, you learn something new every day lol!

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thread derailed, will clean up'

edit: thread clean of off topic

This thread is for F/A-18C wings folded discussions please keep to it

thread reopened

Currently on a break, please contact NineLine for assistance. Thanks

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