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Default My Phone Alarm is Black Shark 1

I have my phone alarm set for 19:00 daily to remind me to take my medication. I don't normally like the modern "ring tones" but for some reason this one has always appealed to me - and today I think I realise why.

It's very similar to the Black Shark 1 theme - so close that I'm sure it is either the same tune, jazzed up a bit, or was inspired by it.

I'm sure I can't upload it due to copyright etc, but I will see what it's called and look for it on the 'net.

Small world - and this sim's reach is perhaps further than any of us imagined... (cue Outer Limits tune...)

Edit: found it.

Make up your own minds (wait until it gets into it - on the phone it doesn't start like it does in the vid)
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