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Originally Posted by Taz1004 View Post
I was talking about default stock configurations. Not special setups.

Just as well you've given up, I don't think anyone else has a clue what are you're talking about
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We all want DCS to be accessible to new players, but there’s no helping lazy or unmotivated ones.
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Originally Posted by Pikey View Post
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Came late to this discussion. But this might be my next tattoo.

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Originally Posted by randomTOTEN View Post

Lets talk about perceptions, and how many of you in fact work to make DCS less accessible to new users:

. . .

Compare that characterization to this example:

Originally Posted by SmirkingGerbil
Meanwhile, enjoying the P-47 immensely.

Mapped to my TM HOTAS...
Took me about 4 hours of testing, and reading the manual. Another 4 hours of watching Greg's You Tube series to understand technical errata, and Chucks Guide (manual)... 8 hours, over about a week off and on of putzing around.

Random, thanks for the reference.

To add to it, those 8 hours included a lot of flying with the default bindings. Most of the mapping done was to map Pitch, Boost, Cowling settings, Bomb drop toggle switches, Inter-Cooler, Oil Cooler, Dive Flaps and other often used controls. Even then it was me moving them around to make them more ergonomic. So plenty of flying in those 8 hours (= fun!) and experimenting with different HOTAS mappings to create an environment where I didn't touch the keyboard or use the mouse cursor to click a control.

I think the only thing I use the keyboard for is landing gear, and the radio buttons A - D.

The short of it being, it wasn't all drudgery and boring. Plenty of flying in there while I optimized bindings to my liking.

Just want new users to understand I flew the P-47 out of the box, no binding changes other than I had to delete some dual mappings between the Thrustmaster Pedals and the Stick, which admittedly is kind of odd, not sure if that is a thing with other input devices.

A couple visits to the control bindings and you figure it out pretty quick, and using the SEARCH function, which is a real boon in finding mappings and changing them. DCS has a lot of commonality with other sims, so control bindings shouldn't really be that tough, and even if you do have issues, just ask!
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How about the hardon some server admins have for doing full alignments, but without sufficient warning that the server is going to reset in less than 10 minutes? That pushes away experienced pilots, let alone beginners. The most experienced military pilot I know won't fly on a server with cold starts...
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Originally Posted by Flamin_Squirrel View Post

Just as well you've given up, I don't think anyone else has a clue what are you're talking about
Can't help people who are too "lazy" to read simple post.
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