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One high G turn and the wings’ll fall off lol
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Originally Posted by jhanna1701 View Post
Iranian Tomcats were delivered without the refueling probe doors from the start.
Nope. They had them installed. They did not refuel from soft basket carrier jets bad had to use the Iron maiden off their -707s and 747 tankers. They removed them just like the USN did for a time to remove the possibility of fodding an engine during A-A refueling. There is nothing special about it. Iran could manufacture thousands of those probe doors without any issue, it just isn't important as the jet is a publicity stunt and status symbol rather than a real threat to an adversary.
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The USN routinely kept the doors off during combat ops when there were numerous and frequent AAR's.

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Babak Taghvee who formerly worked in the Iranian defense industry on the F-5E/F projects recently did a report on a Oct 2017 Iranian exercise ( for Combat Aircraft) in Ishafan to test new weapons and tactics he says.

Doesn't mention anything new on the F-14s but does state (with photo of 3-6036) that the Tomcat not part of the exercise was sitting on QRA with live AIM-7E and AIM-9Js.
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