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Default Force Feedback Joystick Coming soon


Nominal Torque : 2.4kg (Off-axis 10cm)
Max Torque : 3kg (Off-axis 10cm)
Stroke : ±20°
Dimensions : 158mm*110mm*130mm
Weight : 2kg

Direct drive without any gear structure

Universal force feedback device, like FFB2


Power test

Test video 1

Test video 2

Test video 3

Test video 4

Force Feedback Joystick Test with TM Warthog

Force Feedback Joystick Test on KA-50


Price : 1099 Dollar (Base) + 179 Dollar (F15c Joystick) shipping fee not included

Compatible : TM Cougar \ TM Warthog \TM F18 \ VPC T50

Stay tuned for other details~
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New FFB entry...who is it by?
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More competition, ... good for flight simmers
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Interested. Link please
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There are a lot of chinese books behind the Sticks. Is this a note?.
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Very interesting!
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That's interesting. I hope there's an upcoming video showing how it works.
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For a more professional look you shouldn't show us cheap shower sandals and bermuda shorts in addition with latex gloves
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Want. Desperately. Warthog compatibility and a reasonable cost please.
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