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Tonka has just been taken off front line in UK. If you do a Tornado simulation then go for a GR4.

If you include Stormshadow (as standoff weapon, that kills targets from GPS coordinates) Brimstone (similar to the Maverick E, self lazed or via JTAC) and full weapons officer simulation,( like the RIO in the Tomcat!), it will be a winner!

Oh, then add terrain following radar...500 knots at 50'....not many SAM's are going to bother you.

But of course it's all wishful thinking on my part!

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GR.1 is just as good y'know. Stand-off weapons are for sissies!
And it can have some features form the GR.1B and IDS incorporated, too
And it has 2 guns

And historically accurate shark mouths, which is what's really important here

And on a practical note there will be a lot more info about the GR.1 declassified right now, whereas a GR.4 is only just coming out of service and modern IDSes are still kicking for the foreseeable future.
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After the Tomcat, I can die a happy simmer!
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Originally Posted by OnlyforDCS View Post
After the Tomcat, I can die a happy simmer!
The F-14B was #1 on my personal wishlist, and will definitely be my "daily driver" from now on, but there are other airplanes that I would like to have in the stable.

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