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I have both... but fly the hornet exclusively. It's fantastic!
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For A2A I prefer the Viper. Its crazy fast and can easily eat any fighters in head to head combat even against the Tomcat (if you know enough how to deal with it). I've seen some guys made awesome scores in MP like 20 (even more) to 0 kill ratio. Yes it depends on pilot skill but it also a proof how deadly Viper is.

For A2G I love the Hornet. It has many weapons to choose from dumb bombs to long range JSOW while still can defend itself from enemy CAP.

So, get Hornet now and Viper later
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So accurately took some time out last night and learnt a little more about the hornet, and I have to say I was impressed.

So I come from a BMS background (as stated before) so I love the F16 but this hornet last night seriously impressed me. up to the point I put away my Viper HOTAS setup until later on in the year.

There are some quarks but nothing you can't deal with. I did post in the F18 forums regarding loosing track during a2a, but this has now improved (still an issues mind you). For now I seem to be able to lock a target and track it, for a little longer then before.

Overall the F18 is right choice and the F16 will follow to its bigger brother when update i'm sure but from a dedicated viper pilot (me) I'm now flying to learn the F18 more.

oh and CARRIER OPS, who can say no to that!
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I started DCS during the last sale and the bought Hornet, F16 and later the JF-17 (I know that I spend way too much money )
But I fly the Hornet way more than the F16, it feels more complete and easier to learn and I like the cockpit layout more.
I'm definitely not a expert but if I have to choose again I would go for the Hornet.

And I find air to air refueling much easier in the Hornet, but the F16 is the best looking plane ever if you ask me
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I also prefer the cockpit layout of the Hornet more. Same with the probe and drogue refuelling over the boom. Plus it can carry quite a lot more ordnance than the F-16.
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Me personally, I choose Hornet as it is almost finished. I have both modules, but stop playing Viper since it's still in a very early stage. Will go and try the viper again in a few months when it already have more complete features.
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The Hornet can do everything the F16 can...plus more...plus Carrier operations...
It seems a no-brainer (and thats speaking as someone with hundreds and hundreds of very happy Falcon 4.0 hours under my belt)
I know some PvP'ers will now tell em i'm wrong and that the F16 is faster/more maneuverable in A2A - but as (doctrine wise) its solely a Bomb Truck...does it matter
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Short answer:

Hornet now f16 when it's in a more complete state.

Further elaboration:

Although I kinda prefer cockpit layout of the horent, and I certainly appreciate carrier ops, I muxh prefer the f16,s pilot machine interfacing especially when it comes to hotas. It's more streamlined.

The horent requires hands off for anything not related directly to a2a. In the f16 even in a2a related stuff it's far faster to switch radar ranges and max azimuth scan for eg ist just a matter of moving your cursor up/down and sideways.

Switching between mfd pages is also all hotas bound. Ordinance wise in the f16 can a actually carry slight bit more than the hornet for a/g stores In terms of max allowable weight and in terms of quantity with certain bomb types.

Plus it's also significantly faster in speed and accelration. I really learned to appreciate the f16 more flying it here. Cant wait till its complete



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Originally Posted by jasonbirder View Post
The Hornet can do everything the F16 can...plus more...plus Carrier operations...
It can? Then I wonder how you achieve Mach 2 in a Hornet, because the Viper is a M2+ jet...
Might seem like a minor thing, but the big thrust advantage of the F-16 does a big difference in air combat! You can see the Hornet loosing much more often in multiplayer duells (BVR especially) against the F-16 than vice versa.
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I'm in the boat of living the pilot interface of the F-18 more than the F-16 too, but I really need more time in the Viper to break that bias.

One of my hurdles is I'm a VR only pilot, and the MFDs in the Hornet are *much* easier to read than the Vipers. Maybe if I get a RiftS it would be better, but keeping my CV1 for now.
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