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I wanted to ask here because I’m not confident enough these are issues that warrant their own thread.

Does anyone else have no voice in all the training missions after the first two? I have fiddled with all my audio settings and searched the forums.

In addition to that I cannot hear the K-13 lock tone. And I can’t hear Morse codes. Maybe my install got messed up? I looked at the training videos to make sure there is actually a lock tone there
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All training missions have voice. K-13 lock tone is also there, as soon as you activate all relevant switches.

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I have tried the training missions a few times and read the manual a couple. My radar also sometimes gets weird showing false static targets and never turns back on even after a 1 minute cooldown. Gonna try and up install and re install the module hope that’s the issue. Harder to learn without the voice over!

EDIT: going back all my audio in the training missions is gone. And checking other modules, all voice is gone such as ATC but all other sounds. No luck after clean/repair. Guess it’s not a MiG-19P issue for me, sorry.

EDIT 2: fixed. Unplugged and plugged in my headset. Weird as hell. Voiceovers in training are amazing! K-13 tone now too. I would delete my posts but don’t want to leave some1 looking like he’s talking to nobody!

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Bug fixes in the first post
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Originally Posted by Zeus67 View Post
Bug fixes in the first post
Hope to see something from this list on Today's patch (if it will be for OB).
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Does anyone know when the Mig-19 will get out of open Beta?
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Everyone that knows me knows i love dirty old birds and especially Migs. Flown the 19 again today for the first time since the release and it has come on a long way. Dont get me wrong i was a little sad with the state she was in on release as this was a day 1 buy for me, but now i would like to say thx as you have obviously been working hard. Shown some love next year to iron out all the stupid little bugs and she will be one sweet commie ride, like she deserves to be. It certainly makes me smile now which like Migs should do

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I took the 19 out of the barn last night for the first time in like a year. Guys all I can say is thank you. I’m getting a little burned out on the 4th gens lately. And I was great to be talked into a flight of B-17s. I know I know not realistic. But the B-52 has its guns removed, and I wanted something that can shoot back. Got my first two kills in the Framer and love it. I can’t wait to see what you do with the MiG-23. I really love the second and third gen jets. Thank you for bringing this one to life. Personally I kinda wish you guys would just focus on the 1950-1970 time period. But I know the big 4th gens are what sells. But still the 19 is so cool. I can imagine what you could do with a F-100, or a Mig 17. Or a B-47. I personally think that this time period would yield the most satisfying online play, but maybe that’s just me. Still thank you for the Mig-19.
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