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Arrow Operation Meltdown - 12 vs 12 PVP Tournament

12 vs 12 PVP Tournament

February 29th, 2000z and March 1st, 2000z
Operation Meltdown is a 12 vs 12 PVP event combining both A2G and A2A objectives. The event takes inspiration from the early Joint Warrior missions and aims to combine the energy of a A2A squad match with the inclusion of ground objectives. This means it isn't enough to kill all enemy aircraft but you also have to protect your own units as well as destroy the opposing targets.

There will be 4 teams, each consisting of 2 - 3 squadrons. The teams will be randomly selected to fight another in two separate matches. The winner from each semi finals will face off in a final match for the title.

Once the teams have been selected, the mission will be published and teams will be free to plan on their own. I will make four different closed channels on the 64th discord: https://discord.gg/BTW3wgw that will be available for each team, if the need exists.


Sign-up closure: January 31st

Publishing Teams and Mission: February 1st

The first match will be flown on February 29th at 2000z

The second match will be flown on March 1st at 2000z

The final match will be flown on May 2nd at 1900z

Unlike many other great events lately, this event will have no sponsor and no prizes. All for glory and fun!

The Finals will be streamed by <64>Rage, No15 Verticle Charlie and No15 Skinner

The event is open for squadrons only and as such, one representative should signup using the following format. The number of aircraft and roster are non-binding but should be as accurate as possible. Squadrons are allowed to bring LoneWolf pilots to fill the ranks.

The maximum number each squad can take is determined by the different teams. For example one squad can bring 8 if the other takes 4. If both squads have plenty, both will get 6 slots each unless an agreement between the parties are made.
Squadron Name..:

Rules and Restrictions:
- Each match will run for a maximum of 2 hours. 

- 1 Life per pilot & match.

- Available aircraft:

   A-10C, AV-8B, AJS-37, M2000, F-14B, F/A-18C, F-16C, JF-17, Su-27, Su-33, J-11A
   Note: FC3 are not available with the exception of the Flankers.

- F-14 Human RIO only (No Jester).

- No AWACS/EWR will be online. It's all in the pilots radar ability.

- The AI KC-135s available for refuel will be set to immortal. 

- A2G munitions will be General Purpose bombs, LGBs, Mavericks and Rockets.

- Ping limit 300 ms
 The following weapon restrictions will be in effect:

- A maximum of 4 Aim-54 per F-14B (subject to change if the new API arrives).

- A maximum of 6 active-radar-homing missiles per plane (SD-10, Aim-120B/C, R-77)

- No Aim-9X
- No Aim-54A mk60
- No Aim-54C mk47

- No GPS/INS guided weapons
- No man-in-the-loop weapons
- No A2G missiles (except AGM-65 (Rb-75) Maverick)
- No Cluster munitions
Scoring points:

- Aircraft killed +100 pts

- Aircraft Lost (SAM, Crash) -100 pts

- Team Kill -200 pts

- Objective #1 +500 pts

- Objective #2 +500 pts

- SAM destroyed +20 pts


64th "Scorpions" Aggressor Squadron
Discord: 64th Aggressor Squadron

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