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Default Can you spin this?

Quick question.. Took 109 out for a spin.....and couldn't! Struggled even to get an appreciable wing drop, Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? I don't believe its realistic?? Flying on simulation (not game) settings.
Thanks to all.

Ps on latest beta build

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If you keep full power and nose high attitude, you'll go into a power spin.
Come to think of it, I got one in to a flat spin last night when I pushed too hard knowing I was dumping coolant and was going down anyway.
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Funny I just thought I noticed new flight model behavior, spins and snap rolls much more difficult to enter, if not impossible! has something changed recently?
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And it also has much less tendency to drop the left wing in a stall, it used to snap violently, cannot reproduce now, I think something definitely changed.

Spitfire, Mustang, Dora all seem to fly as I remember.
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Yeah, those slats and the powerful engine seem to overcome all and any AoA. I've never flown a real 109, but it does seem strange. I can't spin it either.

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I've had the Bf-109 since it became available. Always found it much more stable than the Dora. And I have not experienced any change.
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OT again, it's not obvious to spin, trying to get into the 1st regime and turning with power, it seems both wings stall simultaneously, in contrast it's much easier to "achieve" with the Mustang. Perhaps using flaps makes it easier?

It's easier to spin on the ground
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