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Ah, well months not years can translate to as much as 23 months
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I enjoy watching these update videos a lot, great to hear from the members of staff that work on these modules for us.

Great stuff
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I was shocked to first read that the F-15E was "months" away and the OCT update confirmed my suspicions. Based upon its' currnt state as outlined in the video, I wouldn't expect a release until 2020. Maybe late 2019 if they plan on a feature-minimum early access release.
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Factually, one year is 12 months

I'm out
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Guys, look at all the previous modules released that were supposed to release in a certain timeframe, but did not quite make it... Yeah, that module.

A few months is probably not realistic. If it would, I'd be suprised and it would be a first. Set your expectations accordingly, I'd say.
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Why aren't you addressing the frustration many of us have with AV8B's development pace? Nothing was mentioned about the slow down of the updates?
AV8B is supposed to be finished this year https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php...09&postcount=1.
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Hey =Decoy=,
Concerning the video itself. I noticed, on the closeups of the Harrier, the canopy had some weird jitteryness to it. Can you or any of the devs comment on the source of that and what is it that we're seeing. For the record I haven't seen that on my rig, but am interested in what that might be a symptom of.

Thanks for the update and look at the 3D Scanner, that shit is cool.
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Wow Wow Wow !
A -5 + a -D !!!

Breaking news!!!

Wouldn't expect to hear this as the French Air Forces still use them!

Not a joke?
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No news on the A-29?
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Not quite sure if the Strike Eagle is near or far from completition.

3d models are almost done but they yet to decide what exact Block to refer .
I hope at least that 1 of the 2 FM ( 220 or 229 engines) is done and basic avionics ( navigation , radio , tacan , ils , etc ) are done.

Cant wait for a M-2000C refurbishing
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