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Originally Posted by Captain Orso View Post
In the screenshot the camera is higher than in the actual photo.

The aircraft in the photo is an AV-8B-Plus; you can tell from the FLIR cell on top of the nose.

The LIDS skirts on the Plus look larger, which might be a thing on the Plus.
No need to look at LIDS, the most important measure is the height of the TPOD tail from the ground.
Regardless of plus or n/a, the height of TPOD is always higher in reality.
I couldn't find the right photo.
So I blinded my eyes, just imagine it is accurate.
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It could be that the nose of the -Plus is heavier though, leading to a different aircraft stance on the ground. That's very common with Mig-23 variants for example.
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None of this is accurate since the comparison is that apples to oranges. In the real life photos you have the AV-8B II+ radar variant that has an APG-65 radar in the nose and that is at the extreme end of the nose, which in turns makes the radar aircraft more prone to be nose low in the way it sits on the ground. Also, none of this matters if you don't know what the servicing of the main and nose struts are in those photos. If the main strut is serviced and sits at the high end of the limits and the nose strut is serviced at the low end of the limit, then the jet is going to look like it is almost parallel. The opposite is true if the main is low and the nose is high, making it look like the DCS photo. For the Night Attack variant DCS is pretty spot on with how they usually sit, but again every photo is going to be different depending on what the servicing is on the struts.
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Actually any photo to screenshot comparison does not work at all, for these subtle things, like angles and relations of height or depth perception.
The reason is simply the focal length, distance to the object, in some cases lighting, and what not need to match at least closely to be comparable.
When you photograph any larger normal rectengular building without special correction lenses the building's angles will look "wrong" despite you know for sure the corners and walls are at 90° and upright, as well as the facade is the same length on the 2nd and 3rd floor, as well as on the street photo comparison can rarely "proof errors".

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Originally Posted by bkthunder View Post
This just adds to the number of 3d model inaccuracies in the Harrier. Sadly, Razbam doesn't want to aknowledge ANY of them and deletes threads that report them.
Ever consider that they can't be bothered explaining to every tom dick and harry exactly what the posts between yours above and mine are explaining?

They would get nothing done man
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