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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have Incirlik AB, Turkey in the Syrian Map!
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Yes please include Turkey in this map. I hope they make a great quality map and use Speedtrees.

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And the "potential" part was Wags saying that they built it in such a way as to be easy to add on new/expanding portions.
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Hopefully there will be NWFP/Fata region of Pakistan in Afghan map.
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Late to the party, but IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! I've been saying for years ED needs to develop theaters where the U.S. is most likely to be militarily involved, not just the Russians.

I'm looking forward most to the Syrian theater. If, at some point, it can be combined with the Persian Gulf map, we could simulate real-world warfare to the max!

I'm less excited about Afghanistan, though with the F-14 coming out, we can re-create the many sorties flown by the Tomcat, especially during the 2001 invasion, accompanied by the long flights from carriers in the North Arabian Sea.

I also hope we get RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus and Muwaffaq Salti Air Base, Jordan

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That third party made Bagram air base IIRC, right? the map covered only that tiny part or expanded in any direction? Any idea how big that map is and which area covered?
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Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have Incirlik AB, Turkey in the Syrian Map!
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Incirlik please yess
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More sand!!
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Originally Posted by orangepeel View Post
More sand!!
Despite having desert, Syria might be greener than thought at first glance.

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