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Default Ship skill affects damage

At the battle of midway carriers were lost to single hits from dive bombers. This can be attributed to unsafe storage of bombs and fuel and poor damge control. When we do Have a Pacific theatre I doubt we will have detailed damage models so I'd like to see the crew skill setting directly affecting the number of hit points a ship has. If we want a ship to have excellent luck and damage control set it veteran. If we want lucky shots and poor damge control set it to rookie.
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+1 Good idea, but I imagine it'll be a long, long time before ED gets round to implementing an overhauled damage model for ships.
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Originally Posted by Northstar98 View Post
+1 Good idea, but I imagine it'll be a long, long time before ED gets round to implementing an overhauled damage model for ships.

Would that require an overhaul? Might need to make a variable global, but I don't see many other uses for 'skill' in ship handling. Coding, testing, time, effort, and energy? Of course, and that means something else doesn't get done, but if they've cracked that code open for something else why not add that as well?

Okay, a rookie somehow manages to hit a freighter with his frigate in the middle of the open ocean...or drives his battle group through a typhoon...but otherwise...
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