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Default Helo won't stop

Its been awhile since I played but and forgive me if my terms arent precise I always used the joystick slider to control the collective to provide power to the helo. Now whenever i start the helo up or try and land even with the joystick slider all the way down the Helo takes off like a rocket around the ground even with the brakes applied.

I even tried the page down and other command for the throttle and set them all to zero and the helo still races around the ground. its making the game unplayable. Please what am I doing wrong? How can i go back to just the joystick slider controlling the power?
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It's difficult to say what's up from your vague description, but I would check the most obvious things first:
a) any unwanted/duplicated assignments in controls menu?
b) "game flight mode" turned on in the sim options? It's known to be a buggy feature, better to forget about it;
c) "control helper" turned on in Mi-8 special options? Buggy as above.

Don't mess with the throttles by the way, they're supposed to be at max all the time, the RPM governor takes care of the rest.
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Collective needs to be at 0 before you start mission.

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Thanks you were right some how game mode was enabled. Soon as i switched it to Sim it works fine.
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