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that 200mph is too slow for 52"

if you climb that slow, i would keep the manifold at 44-45"
i climb shallow climb that i start from 300mph 52" when i drop to 260mph i drop to 48" and when i drop to 230 i stop the climb and drop momentarily to 44" to cool and gain speed again at level flight.

when i get past 250 i increase to 48" and when about 270-280 back to 52" to get back to 300mph.

allways max rpm.
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Used these settings twice now. And they seem to work great. Engine temps stay within predictable ranges and don’t appear to spike. I have had no engine seizes. I don’t think it’s the way a normal pilot would fly, but it’s made the sim much more enjoyable, having a handle on the engine management .

Now waiting for the jug.....

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How do they compare to manual-recommended fastest climb settings (46" @ 2700, 170 IAS), though?
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