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You learn very quickly. Very well.

I am the only developer for Ikarus. Thank you for the praise.
McMicha is responsible for the export script (lua - Files).

The EGT works here already as it should. I'll get back to you later. Thanks for the bug report.
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keep it simple ...
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Hello H-J-P,

Oxygen pressure is inop in the sim, so not usable at all. Oxy blinker gauge is great.

All ID's come from your files. I did not create anything. I just cant stop it from reverting to your file like I used to be able to do.

I prefer metric units as I learned them first and have the most sim hours. Knot's are for Nevada, (which doesn't get served much online anymore).

No hurries or worries, thanks for everything.

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Originally Posted by raymondabel View Post
Bug repport
Module : a-10C
DCS ID 241 :3 way swith : when clich up does not what it it suppose to do
Detail :
how to reproduce:
- turn on CMSP / Warning Panel
- Mode Knob to manuel
- clic up DISP 3 way switch
now it is suppose to be able to edit profile but it simply reset profil
to compaire, go use the swtich in cocpit


did you had some "cycles" to look at this one?

for now, I am on *.448 and it is hard solide stable


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Most bugs were on my side from improper folder use. Apologies. I can get my profile to load now and only bugs are:

L39_Alt20 instrument is now missing. I need it badly. When I select it, no gauge shows up.

I see one small art bug on the "WPDistance" gauge. It has one small texture missing between the KM numbers.

Radio readouts all work fine.
Missing gauge art is fixed.

Alt in feet stil did not work, but I have not tested it with Imperial units yet.
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File: Ka-50.lua

Line 53: Missing:

[573] = "%.4f",         -- VM_15PV_BALT_tenths {0.0,1.0}
(is the long needle of the Barometric Altimeter, missing on the export script, working fine on Ikarus, and the sim now, after the fix)
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