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Originally Posted by Rockrend View Post
I haven’t seen the post you are referring to but what you say is only see this if a player is hosting the MP mission. I tested this yesterday.

If the players are not the server host then all should work as normal, just as @QuiGon mentioned above. Additionally, it not the only thing that doesn’t work as expected when a player is hosting a MP mission.
Thanks dude! Do you know if they’re working on it?
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Originally Posted by nima2014 View Post
Thanks dude! Do you know if they’re working on it?
I can’t say for sure. Perhaps you might like to report it as a bug.
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Originally Posted by QuiGon View Post
I know, my response was directed at backspace340

I can confirm that this is not true. I fly the Tomcat as a RIO regularly with neither of us being the server host and I can use both radios just fine.

Actually what he meant about the server host is true, and here it comes: sometimes. Unfortunately with client also being the server host DCS does have issues sometimes, but they are very hard to nail down because they appear arbitrary.

It is easy to test: go on a public server and try comms, should work as intended. If it does not, most likely some setting like easy comms could be the root of the problem.

Then host a server as client and be the pilot: often the RIO wont be able to use the radios. This is what we call a server host issue. Unfortunately there is very little we can do about. For anyone not being in the host's aircraft it should not be an issue though, if it is, again it would point towards easy comms, wrong settings, wrong radio configuration, pushing wrong keybinds etc etc.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you for confirming. Wife and I chased this for days thinking we had a setting wrong. Then I saw this post, and as soon as I flipped who hosted the mission and who sat RIO, the fault followed, confirming the DCS issue. Thank you so much for starting the thread.
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