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Lixma 06
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Default RAZBAM - Do a Yak-38


Well, you've got the VTOL bit nailed so simply flying around and landing on things you ought not to will be great fun. And compared to the AV-8B the avionics are much simpler; no MFDs, FLIRs, Lasers or any of that stuff. Also when the new Kuznetsov model arrives it would be a perfect marriage.

Yes it was a bit crappy in performance and payload but so what - it's such an interesting subject.

Sometimes a bit too interesting....

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Fit nicely into the upcoming Afghanistan Map.
Worth noting they flew from Kiev class cruisers not the Kuznetsov.
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Razbam, please ignore this and similar threads.
Thank you
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I don't know why or how but I have a big interest for this aircraft.

Also, it would fit the Caucasus map very well because the aircraft-carrier/missile-cruiser Kiev was based in Crimea and the Yak-38 was designed to operate from this class of ship.

And the ship is a gorgeous cold war contraption
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As a bot - maybe. Flyable - hell no. Its a useless coffin.
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I would get it, its pretty unique, yes, useles AF, but interesting anyway
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I'd prefer an aircraft that was actually capable of doing something
Years ago, when half the stuff we have now was a wish list. We just posted about rain effects, different seasons. We talked about different maps and aircraft. Now we have most of it, we have all this "elitist" come in that just want to post about what they deserve and what they are entitle to because they pay. They just keep crying and whining how horrible DCS is and how much they got robbed. They keep taking my shiny toy and trowing it in the trash because is not good enough for them.
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+1 would buy it for some cammanist svtols
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While I think it would be cool, there is laundry list of other aircraft that I'd rather see first.
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YaK-38 was very controversial craft, in most situations Ka-27 was more effective and universal.

There are more interesting Soviet aircrafts, which still was not released.

So... yea, Razbam, pls ignore threads like this..
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