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Why is that an issue? he's speaking what it says and when you get it to fly they'll be at your resolution...
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Originally Posted by Rudel_chw View Post
I dont mind the VO quality, but the video seems to be made on 4K resolution and the subtitles are just impossible to read
Yeap, 4k resolution, higher resolution lower font size.

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Voice over is spot-on, very realistic. Don't change anything!

I would definitely get rid of the beeps, they're just annoying and serve no purpose in a video, apart from disrupting the immersion (hopefully they're not in the actual mission?).

The 4K is probably unfortunate, the voice is perfectly understandable but for people who're not at ease with English I'd get down to a more standard 1080p. Not that it matters once the training mission is available.
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Dude you need to get a grip, the dude was born in Russia, please stop this trolling as its not doing anyone any favours and just gets peoples backs up

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Originally Posted by Quadrafarian View Post
Why is that an issue? he's speaking what it says and when you get it to fly they'll be at your resolution...
Not every user of DCS is a native english speaker, for you they are probably useless, but for me the subtitles are important ... of course, If I already had this aircraft on my PC it wouldnt matter.
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I'd complain that the RP-5 can't detect fighters further than 9km, but in the 50s that must've give you such an edge- see first, kill first.
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I watched the Introduction Video, I liked it..
In witch way will the Sirena RWR work in the MIG-19? it's simple Light when you get Tracked from Rear Hemisphere?
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Instant buy the day this comes out. Very much looking forward to it!

And I completely take back anything negative I said elsewhere regarding the AV8B and RAZBAM..

They've clearly seriously stepped up their development here in DCS, and I'm truly delighted to see it.
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How long are people going to spend in the tutorials to get so upset about the voice acting. The video is less than 13 mins long. Most people will run through it, pick up the info from it and move on to fly the aircraft themselves to become more proficient. Who really gives a fiddlers about how authentic the accent is. I would be more concerned in relation to the flight model and the fidelity of the aircraft. There is no pleasing some people.
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I will say this only once. Stop the discussion about the voice actor and move on. Either you like the video or not and leave it at that. Do not derail the thread.
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