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Probably not a lot of point in asking until the mig-23 and F-15E are released as it wont be worked on until then. Personally I worry about the project being dropped entirely with how far out it is. Plenty of time for plans to change and more popular aircraft to pop up. Like ED shelving the F-4 for the F-16... Hurray another gen 4 bluefor that almost identical in capability to the F-18... Looking at you too F-15E.
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I feel you Jester.

I have been waiting years to see this bird come to fruition. Watching here and their Facebook page. With little snippets to string me along. ????
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Whilst I'd also like the ST, I'm happy that Razbam has clarified their position on not trying to introduce 4-5 modules all at the same time, but to prioritise and nail them in a logical manner. Gives me a lot more confidence that they'll make a great job of it.
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